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Rock solid, sleek design, decades of excellence since 1986.

Made of aviation grade aluminium reinforced and anodized, all our flight cases are a real craftsman work.

Designed, cut, folded and assembled all by hand, our cases are built with the safety of your instrument in mind.

For a cello, viola, contrabassoon, guitar or any other kind of instruments, Rouillard Cases is your custom solution !

​​​Renowned for almost 40 years in building resistant cases for musical instruments, Rouillard Aluminium Cases is the brand you can trust !

Valise d’Aluminium Rouillard as been recently acquired from M.Maurice Rouillard in February 2010 by Pierre Brind’Amour and renamed Rouillard Aluminium Cases.

Different name, same quality!

Your passion is our passion...

We have at heart our cases as much as you do for your instruments.

All our flight cases offer the best protection while you travel around the world in plane, train or automobile.

Don't worry about bumps, humps and jumps.

All our cases are handcrafted according to your needs.

Solid stuff !

Our cases are made to measure in order to assure maximum protection of your instrument.

Only the strongest and highest quality materials are used.

These convenient features allow for easy stowing in baggage holds and are recommended by Inter-Canadian Airlines.

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